Top 20 Best Holiday Gifts For Her

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California gets to enjoy the warm summer days way past the rest of the country. So when the daylight savings time ends and the weather abruptly cools off, instead of easing into the holiday spirit, we find ourselves scrambling to get ready for the rapidly upcoming holidays. Where did October go?

As if on cue, male friends and co-workers begin to survey their female counterparts in hopes to come by a few thoughtful gift ideas for their significant others. Well, we're here to help!

This year we've decided to curate our own Top 20 Best Holiday Gifts For Her, regardless of what your budget may be. 

We believe that what one owns is part of their self-expression; it’s a philosophy and way of life. Which is why it’s wise to choose high quality, unique objects that inspire and bring you joy every day.

The following ideas are based on personal, tried-and-true experience, and are in no way affiliated with any of the brands mentioned below.

#1: Long Wrap Cashmere Robe - $425

Long cashmere robe for women

There is nothing like slipping into this luxurious robe after a long day and feel all your troubles melt away.  Made from the softest cashmere, it’s the ultimate winter luxury.

#2: Rewind Candles - $29

Rewind Candle

Holiday’s wouldn’t be complete without a magnificent candle and this is The One. All-natural soy wax is hand poured into vessels made of repurposed wine bottles. P.S. Rose is to die for.

#3: 14K Gold Letter Necklace By Maya Brenner - From $300

14k Gold Necklace by Maya Brenner

This delicate necklace is both personal - you can customize the letters - and versatile. Since I’ve had the pleasure to receive this as a gift myself, I’ve been stopped in the streets and asked about its source a dozen times.

#4: Slivered Geode Coaster - From $14

Slivered Geode Coasters

These coasters will mesmerize each and every guest each and every time they look at them, that’s how stunning they are.

#5: Merino Wool Chunky Blanket - From $698

Merino Wool Chunky Blanket

Did someone say hot chocolate, this extra fine merino wool blanket, and Netflix all day? Bring it on, Winter!

#6: Double Wall Insulated Espresso Cups - $18

Double Wall Insulated Espresso Cups

Is there anything more satisfying than that first sip of espresso in the morning? Well, if she can sip it from these little beauties while dressed in that new cashmere robe of hers.

#7: Shey Scarf By Kit & Ace - $148

Cashmere Shey Scarf by Kit & Ace

This cashmere scarf is light as a feather, yet super-soft and insulating and perfect 365 days a year. Kit & Ace unique prints and quality really stand out from the masses.

#8: Gemini Foldover Leather Clutch By Lettoli - $315

Speaking of standing out from the masses, this handmade genuine leather clutch is custom made-to-order with your choice of leather color and interior suede liner. A truly unique piece for a truly unique girl.

#9:   Yoga Zeal Non-Slip Yoga Mat "Banana Leaf" - $75

Yoga Mat, Green Banana Leaf

Ever wish you could have a yoga mat that isn’t just functional, but also pretty? Well, we have. This vibrant print yoga mat gives plenty of cushion, provides extra-grip and makes you want to practice yoga more.

#10: Square Diamond Stacker Rings By Vrai & Oro - $240

Square Black Diamond Stacker Rings

These feminine and dainty beautifies strike the perfect balance of simplicity and edge. Beautiful alone or stacked together.

#11: Stuart Weitzman 5050 Leather Over-The-Knee Boots - $655

Stuart Weitzman 5050 Leather Over-The-Knee Boots

I’m on my second pair, simply because I wore them so much over the years. Nothing beats the beauty, versatility, and comfort of these 5050 over-the-knee boots. Oh, and they stop traffic too.

#12: 2-Piece Salad Serving Set - $25

2-Piece Salad Serving Set

Wouldn’t you eat salad every day if it was served with this drool-worthy trek horn salad serving set? I know I would.

#13: S’well Water Bottle - From $35

2-Piece Salad Serving Set

No other water bottle insulates as well as it’s aesthetically beautiful. But if that wasn’t enough, S’well recently introduced their Limited-Edition Collection with Swarovski Crystals.

#14: Wood Serving Platter - $150

Wood Serving Platter

Regardless of the occasion, this classic wood serving platter is a must-have in every woman's kitchen as the go-to choice for a cheese or charcuterie plate that her guests will enjoy.

#15: Sterling Silver and Leather LUNA Necklace - From $105

Adjustable to be worn long or short, this necklace features .925 sterling silver beads and a natural, soft leather cord. A unique piece that embodies both quality and creativity.

#16: Portobello By Inspire Bone China Mug - From $19

Portobello By Inspire Bone China Mug

For all the tea & coffee lovers out there, these high-quality mugs are made from fine bone china and come in a variety of beautiful, unique designs. Dishwasher and microwave safe too.

#17: Bubble Dome Umbrella - From $18

Bubble Dome Umbrella

It’s extra easy to enjoy the rain when you have a cool bubble dome umbrella along with you.

#18: Patagonia Puff Jacket - From $199

Patagonia Puff Jacket

Let's face it, a warm puffy jacket is a must-have staple in every woman’s closet no matter where she lives.

#19: Skyline Clock - $44

Wood Skyline Clock

This clock takes things to a whole new level of cool. No matter which city, ILUXO’s got your zip code covered.

#20: Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle - From $105

 Wooden jigsaw puzzle

If you've never experienced the world of an "adult" wooden jigsaw puzzle, give this one a try. Instead of regular interlocking pieces, these have different shapes of high-quality wood pieces. The feel of putting these together is beyond satisfying and will keep the whole family entertained for days.

Let the gift season begin!


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